The One Secret to Instagram Success

The One Secret to Instagram Success -- The Creative Living

There are many things to consider when aiming for success on Instagram. From hashtags to regular posting, there’s no denying it takes multiple techniques to grow – however, there’s one secret, yes one secret to Instagram success.

It’s not a quick one, and it’s not easy, but guys, it’s important.

You have to build a community.


There are many reasons someone might follow you on Instagram. Maybe because you post pretty photos, you’re doing inspiring things, or you’re sharing wisdom. These are great reasons for someone to follow.

But what gives them a reason to stay engaged?

Whether you’re looking to use Instagram as a full-time job, or a tool to drive traffic to your business, engagement is the most important part of the app. You could have forty thousand followers, but if only 1% of your followers are engaging with your content, you might as well have 4,000 with a 10% engagement rate. The latter of which is more attainable.

How Do You Build a Community?

People consume media on the internet that will help them in some way. Whether this is by providing entertainment value, inspiration or enrichment, we're more likely to engage with something that adds to our lives. It's a great idea to keep that in mind and tailor your content to your consumers in an appropriate way.

Here are five ways you can build a community on Instagram:

1. Tell a Story, and Include Your Followers

Humans are natural storytellers. We love stories. From the make believe stories in art to the real life sucess stories in business and science, we're obsessed with storytelling.

A great way to create a comminuty on Instagram is to tell a story. This is super easy, because you get the chance to tell a story about you.

Ask yourself, what made you start your Instagram account? Or your business? What events led up to it? How does it make you feel? Write this in an Instagram story or some captions, make the story an integral part of your brand, and then finish the story with why you decided to share. How does your story impact, and help your followers?

Not only does this appeal to the inherent story-loving nature of humans, it fosters a sense of inclusivity, that your followers have a reason to be consuming your content, or supporting your brand, because they are a part of it.

2. Take Your Followers on a Journey

No story is ever over, so welcome your followers on board for the next chapter in your journey.

Once your followers are emotionally invested in your story, they'll be excited to follow it, and even be a part of it.

You can see this idea in action with many YouTubers - people follow them for a specific reason, either they're enligtening or entertaining, and they become invested in the person behind the channel, eager to follow their journey no matter where it takes them.

3. Encourage Your Followers to Share Their Own Story

Once you have your followers on board, give a little back to them. They're emotionally invested in your story, but it's a very human thing to want to be loved in return.

It's not realistic or manageable to personally read and invest in thousands of people's stories and lives, but your followers will read each other's stories, and bond that way.

Take a look at any number of fitness gurus out there, and notice how they've fostered community in their following. Bonded by a mutual love of the guru, people in the community find each other, and encourage each other on their journey, without the guru's direct involvement.

4. Engage With Your Followers

A great way to foster community and keep track of your community's progress is to have a branded hashtag. Pop it in your bio, and every so often, scroll through and read your follower's posts, dropping an encouraging comment and giving them a like.

This may take you all of five minutes, but it will absolutely make their day!

5. Keep Encouraging Your Followers to Engage With Each Other

You'll be surprised how much your community can grow your community, and not only increase your follower count, engagement rate and overall instagram success, but also help your followers make meaningful connections with likeminded people. Once you build a community on Instagram, all you'll have to do it to keep encouraging your followers to do what they love doing!

It may be hard work in the beginning, but in the end, you will have built a solid foundation upon which, your creative empire builds itself.

So there you have it - my one secret to instagram success!

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The One Secret to Instagram Success-- The Creative Living

The One Secret to Instagram Success-- The Creative Living

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