10 Essential Instagram Hashtag Tips!

10 Essential Instagram Hashtag tIps -- The Creative Living (1)

It's universally accepted that using hashtags is one of the best way have your content seen on Instagram. Here's are my 10 essential Instagram hashtag tips to help you get maximal hashtag exposure.

1. Use Different Hashtags for Your Posts

Whether or not there is a "shadow ban," it seems that mixing up your hashtags every so often helps Instagram establish that you and/or your account isn't a bot.

Ideally, you'll be posting a variety of content on your Instagram, so you'll be using hashtags that are appropriate for those posts (see point 6), but if you're posting similar photos with the same hashtags, mix up the last few every once in a while to make sure Instagram doesn't accidentally flag your content as spam.

2. Use a Mixture of Popular and Less-Popular Hashtags

There are some hashtags that are way more popular than others, and although they likely get more viewers, it's much easier for your content to get buried by all of the other photos tagged with that hashtag.

Because huge hashtags have a larger amount of viewers, it's a good idea not to swear off them entirely. Instead, use a bunch of hashtags with varying popularity. This way, your posts will be displayed where there are lots of viewers and smaller visibility, while also being displayed to smaller audiences with higher visibility.

3. Save Them On Your Phone

One of the best tips I've ever received is to save my hashtags as a keyboard shortcut in my phone.
To do this on an iPhone, simply go to settings > general > keyboard > text replacement then paste the hashtags in 'phrase' and create a unique shortcut.

When it comes time to posting your Instagram photo, you can simply type in your unique shortcut and your phone will replace that with your hashtags. It's so easy!

You can also save them in the 'Notes' app to copy and paste when it comes time to post your photo.

4. Pay Attention to Hashtags Other People Use

If you're a writer, artist or musician, you can check out my hashtag guides for some hashtags to use, but if you're at a loss for tags to use, look at what your favourite creators are using. If they have high engagement or a huge following, likely the hashtags they use have worked wonders for them.

5. Use Hashtags on Your Instagram Stories

This is something I don't do enough, but the few times I have done it gained me hundreds more viewers on my Instagram story. If you use a hashtag on your story it shows up on that hashtag's page when people search for photos. It's a great way to gain exposure from a seemingly unexpected place.

6. Don't Post Irrelevant Photos to the Hashtag

This is something I learnt the other day. If your post is irrelevant to the hashtag, other users can report it to Instagram to tell the algorithm that the post isn't appropriate for the particular hashtag. I would image that to have very negative effects for your account, especially if it happens multiple times, so do be careful to use appropriate hashtags.

7. Hide Your Hashtags

You're probably doing this without realising it, but no one wants to see a whole bunch of hashtags. This is a simple fix, after you finish typing your caption, space down and add some full stops then place your hashtags after that. You can also do this in the comments. It simply makes everything look neater and nicer.

8. Check Your Hashtag Analytics

If your hashtags are bringing you five veiws, they're probably not worth it. If they're bringing you hundreds or thousands, then you go boss, slay them hashtags!

It's a good idea to monitor your hashtag analytics and adjust them as necessary to ensure maximum exposure.

9. If You Have a Brand Hashtag, Add it to Your Bio

If you've read my article "The One Secret to Instagram Success" you'll know what I'm about to talk about now. When you're building a brand, it's super important to foster a sense of community on Instagram. One way of doing this is by devising a brand hashtag.

This way your followers can feel even more engaged with you, and it makes it easier for you to find your customers and you're biggest supporters. If you do this, make sure you add it to your bio so your new followers can see it and join in with the fun!

10. Keep an Eye on the Banned Hashtag List

In an effort to keep Instagram free of bots and spammers, some hashtags have been 'banned.' If go on the hashtag page, it'll say something like 'Recent posts from [hashtag] are currently hidden because the community has reported that some content that may not meet Instagram's community guidelines.'

It’s widely believed that if you use one of these hashtags, your photo will not be shown on the page of any hashtag you’ve used. So keep an eye out!

You can find a bunch of lists (like this) if you Google Instagram Banned Hashtags.


I these 10 essential Instagram hashtag tips helped you on your journey to creating an awesome Instagram community.


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